Business Development Leader Joins International Investment Organizations

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Sara Hand, the CEO of Bradenton’s Spark Growth, recently joined Scaale Group and Cross Border Angels & Investors as a regional development partner. Scaale Group is a venture resource organization that provides global expansion services for companies through sales, capital, talent, infrastructure and more. As a Scaale partner, Hand will attend and participate in the finale of Startup IndiaRead more

Pitch2CBA Canarias coverage

La Vanguardia (newspaper): Source : Lavanguardia “Canarias looks for talent and innovative opportunities with a new investment netork” National TV2 (Spain): Marta Emerson, VP at Scaale is interviewed by Marc Vidal on national TV2, program #Economia de Future (Economy of Future) about the “FFF” round of founding. Source: rtve Expansión (Spain) Marta Emerson, VP atRead more

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