Insurtech Startups Making Insurance Easy

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Insurtech is a term applied to many segments of new technology that are disrupting the insurance space: smartphone apps, consumer activity wearables, claim acceleration tools, individual consumer risk development systems, online policy handling and more. While Fintech has an impact on almost all different financial services, insurance has lagged behind but is catching fast. ThereRead more


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About Indian Angel Investment ecosystem According to Inc42 DataLabs, though the Angel activity began in India in 2006, since H1 2015, over 1668 unique angel investors have participated in the Indian tech startup funding. Starting with 257 in H1 2015, the participation of angel investors in the startup funding reached 326 in H1 2017 i.e.Read more


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M&A activities have always retained the interest of the people, each year some of the prolific deals gain worldwide attention and the effects of many of those deals can be experienced globally. According to the 2017 M&A report by BCG, around 26,000 deals were completed worldwide in 2016; which is almost similar to the numberRead more

Risk Associated With Angel Investment

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According to a study conducted by IBM & Oxford, about 90% of startups fail within the first five years since their inception. While there has been an exhaustive research published on the various reasons for the same and also countermeasures to avoid it, the fact still remains that, though returns if successful could be multifold,Read more

Clarification from the Scaale Group

This is a clarification from the Scaale Group and its management regarding a report from one media house in India based on malicious and inaccurate accusations from a former investor member of Cross Border Angles (CBA), a part of the Scaale Group. Since the matter is subjudice, we’ll restrict our comments to our position on this matter.Read more

InnCube – Co-working Space based out in Beijing

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Kaushal Chokshi , Founder and President of Scaale Group&Cross Border Angels(CBA), visited InnCube , a Co-working Space and had a deep talk with Kevin Qin, the founder of InnCube Space in Beijing on April 7. Both of them exchanged ideas on the cross-border page for helping overseas growth innovation startups entering China and Chinese companiesRead more

Smart home startup Comfee raises €125 000

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Estonian smart home startup Comfee finishes a seed funding round receiving investments from Estonia, India and UK. The company aiming to revolutionize window blind automation heads next to their main target market, United States. Estonian Buildit hardware accelerator alumni Comfee announces closing a €80 000 seed round. The investors participating on the round included CrossBorderAngels,Read more

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