Strategic Partnership with Dalian Venture Workshop Investment

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Dalian Venture Workshop Investment based in China Northeast, is a national technology enterprise incubator that provides business development services to startup teams or companies as well as further guidance and attracting investments. Scaale Group is growth consultants helping companies through executing innovative global strategies. Scaale Dalian has established the Strategic Co-operation Agreement with Dalian VentureRead more

Scaale Built 3-year Strategic Alliance with THTI

Scaale and THTI signed 3-year period strategic alliance on May 18, 2016 for helping overseas companies enter China market and Chinese growth companies expand outside China. Amanda Liu, VP of THTI who is based out of Beijing, expressed that internationalization is a long term journey and our partnership could benefit all the companies who wantRead more

Avoiding Group Think and Hype

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One of the truly fascinating things about entrepreneurship is that we all associate very positive feelings with the word. Yet, when it comes to the mental image of entrepreneurship, we have a completely different idea of how it looks like, depending on where we come from. In Western European culture, where job security and personalRead more

Spending Money on Company Growth

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One of the more fascinating things about entrepreneurship, and especially startup entrepreneurship, is how it is impacting societies far away from places like Silicon Valley or New York City. Someone once said that startups today are like rock bands in the 1960s and 1970s; a cultural phenomenon galvanizing the dreams and ambitions of an entireRead more

EdTech startup Claned raised $1.4M to expand to India

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Finland based edtech startup Claned has raised $1.46 million in a round of funding led by Indian CBA (Cross Border Angels and Investors) members, reports YourStory. The startup will use the round of funding to roll out operations in India. Claned is an online learning platform that students can sign up for free. It allowsRead more

CBA Lead Investment in CLANED, a Finnish EdTech Venture

Cross Border Angels & Investors (CBA), an international investor network specialised in facilitating international deals, has led a EUR 1.3 Million round in CLANED a Finnish education technology venture. The round was led by Indian CBA members. CLANED, a Tekes (Finland Government’s Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) funded company is headquartered in Helsinki and hasRead more

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